What have we got to offer

Below is our complete & up to date inventory we have ready to hire


Y.L.D Inventory

This lists all stock items we are currently offering on hire's. If you are interested in multiple items on this list we suggest checking out our packages, There you will find equipment bulked to different types of events. We are always addingnew stock, Therefor this list is always updating. 


2 channel mixer 
3 channel dmx controller 
800w active rcf speakers (popular) 🔥
200w passive speakers 
1000w 2 channel amp
led patterned lights 
led 6 splitter led patterned lights
led par cans
led par bars (NEW)
led slim par can 
hurricane smoke machine (popular) 🔥
snow machine 
wireless handheld mics
wired mics
speaker stands
microphone stands 
lighting stands
keyboard stand 
keyboard stand topper
blue star cloth 

New for 2018 

5x DMX controlled led bars, Perfect for stage and uplighting. 
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