Y.L.D Packages

All the equipment you need, In simple packages...


The Summer Package (NEW)

Limited time only 🕒
The perfect way to start summer. This package includes 4 party lights, 4 led par bars for an impressive uplighting effect. Plus 2 800w speakers with AUX connection to play those summer hits all night long.  

The Lightning Package

This package will light up any event. You'll get 6 led party lights set up on a T-Bar, Plus 2 led par cans. To top it off adding the ultimate effect. A smoke machine. 

The Party Package

Start any party off with this package, you'll get 4 led party lights set on a T-Bar, Plus 2 loud 800W Speakers with AUX input. This package also includes 1 microphone because whats a party with out an MC.


The P.A Package

Need to be heard? This Package is just what you need, You'll get 2 800w Speakers set up on stands. 2 handheld wireless microphones. To add colour to the package you'll get 2 led uplighting bars 


The Dancing Package

The only package you need for a party. You'll get everything you need to make your night one to remember. This includes 1 live mixing DJ (No playlists required) 2 loud 800W Speakers. 1 Party bar which included 4 led party lights and finally if that wasnt enough you will also get our most powerful smoke machine. What more could you need.  

The Production Package

Live band, singer? look no further this is the package you need.This includes  2 wireless mics on stands, 4 800w speakers plus monitors, 4 led par cans with DMX control and 1 smoke machine with DMX control. 

All packages are subject to availability due to individual items being out on hire. All packages can have additional equipment added if required.
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